Hello, I’m Penny.

It’s me.

For my day job, I’m a media, marketing and public relations professional residing in the Metro Atlanta, Georgia USA area. I’ve recently committed to learning more about my Christian faith, and it occurred to me that while I’m familiar with many verses and chapters, I’ve never actually read the Bible from beginning to end.

So, that’s what I’m doing with this blog. My first career work was in journalism as a radio and TV news reporter and anchor. With that training, I tend to analyze information best by writing about it. I understand that a lot of people are like me – we know enough to believe but haven’t really gotten down into the bones of the holy book. By nature I’m an analytical thinker and a skeptic, and I love to really research the things I’m interested in. As I read each verse, chapter and book, I’ll share my thoughts and any insights I’ve gained from studying what others, including Biblical scholars, report.

I invite you to join me and share your opinions as well. Let’s learn together!